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Adjustable Bandana Collar

Adjustable Bandana Collar

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Adjustable Bandana Collar 

This gangster looking bandana collar is our favourite collar ever! Give your pet some fashionista love today with it.

Benefits And Features 

  • Adjustable Size - Our bandana can fit any cat. With the adjustable design, whether you have a small or big cat, it will fit them well.
  • Reversible - Finished on both sides (same pattern). Can be put on within less than a minute.
  • Easy To Attach - Simply unfasten your Bandana collar and slide it through the top pocket of the bandana. Fasten the collar back on your pet and you're set!
  • Comfortable - Made from 100% cotton, ensuring your pets comfort.

Package Includes 

1 X Adjustable Bandana Collar 

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