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Adjustable Safety Pet Car Belt

Adjustable Safety Pet Car Belt

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We all know that the safety of our pets is a priority. Taking them along for car rides can be stressful, as we all know how much they love to jump around and how excited they can get.

Our Pet Safety Belts ensure the safety of your fur baby; no more trying to jump out the window or on anything inside your car.

Features And Benefits 

  • Adjustable Length - Dogs come in different sizes and weights.  Our Safety Belt is adjustable between 18-30 inches; you can easily adjust the belt to a suitable length to keep your pet in a safe and comfortable state.
  • Convenient - The tangle-free nylon straps quickly and easily attach to vehicle headrests. The safety strap is easily removed, making it the perfect leash for your vehicle!
  • Practical - Our Adjustable Safety Belts can be used for both cars and as regular leashes. 

Package Includes

1 X Adjustable Safety Pet Car Belt

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