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Cat Scratch Guard

Cat Scratch Guard

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Every animal has its instincts. Cats often scratch to mark their territory, to file their nails, or just to have fun. However, scratching can become destructive as cats scratch furniture, walls, clothing, and other items around your house that they shouldn't touch.

To help keep your cat from damaging your furniture, try our Cat Scratching Guard. This system relies on flexible yet durable PVC plastic sheets with adhesive on the back. The plastic is slippery, so cats won't be able to get a grip on the material to scratch it.

Durable & Flexible

Furniture protectors are Environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, Flexible, and Clear vinyl. It is harmless to the body of people and pets. In addition, it is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture.

Please open and lay the scratch shield flat on the table or other neat place for a while before use. Therefore, it can avoid creases due to inertia when used.

Maximize Protection Of Furniture 

Furniture scratch guards work on any upholstered furniture. Whether it is a couch, chair, carpet, or love seat, this product can protect them from cat scratches. There are two sizes for you to choose from, to meet your different needs.

Easy To Install

You can easily secure the durable vinyl to your upholstered furniture, according to the instructions and using the screw pins that you get for free at the time of purchase. And the convenient screw pins fasteners are fast and simple to disconnect so that they can be reused.

Whether you have a kitty or another animal who likes to scratch or chew on your furniture, these guards can help. Install them on a couch, chair, bench, or another piece of furniture. These plastic covers are designed to last and can be a deterrent to scratching and bad behaviour from your pet.

Package Includes

  • 1 X Cat Sofa Anti-stick Stickers (14X39cm)
  • 10 X Thumbtacks
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