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GPS Wireless Dog Fence

GPS Wireless Dog Fence

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Introducing the GPS Wireless Dog Fence, the ultimate solution for giving your dog freedom while ensuring their safety and security. This innovative system combines advanced GPS technology with wireless boundary capabilities, offering a customizable containment solution for your pet.

Product net weight: 72g

Product + packaging single weight: 130g

Product size: 69*41*37.5MM

Color box size: 135*115*49MM

One box contains the following quantities:

50 pieces/box

Net weight: 6.5KGS

Gross weight: 7.5KGS

Outer box size: 57.5*26.5*28.5CM

Product performance: 0-9 gears can be adjusted

Adjustable collar belt for all sizes of dogs (9-27inches)

  • Long press the power button: Power on or power off the fence system. It will search GPS automatically once it is powered on.
  • Long press the M button, set up the safe radius distance
  • Press +/- button to increase and decrease the safe zone distance; The default distance is 03 level(30 meters)
  • Short press M button, set beep, vibration & shock strategy (0-9 levels for vibration and shock)
  • Press "+" and "-" at the same time to unlock the screen

How to use (Please test the GPS collar first before use)

Install the contact probes

Tighten the probes with the test light

Install the conductive silicone cap to protect the dog

Test Shock Function (Put the test light on the metal probes, go beyond the setting range, and the light goes on when shock)

  1. Sound mode: It can emit a beep sound.
  2. Vibration mode: 9 gears adjust the vibration intensity.
  3. Click mode: 9 gears adjust the click intensity.


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